to live doesn't mean you're alive. (chiibiusa) wrote in shoe_addict,
to live doesn't mean you're alive.

Rampage "Jetsetter" shoes

hi everyone! i was at my local Macy's a few days ago and i spotted three pairs of shoes i MUST have -- Nine West's "Girltime" in Gold, Anne Klein's "Elisha" in Natural, and Rampage's "Jetsetter" in White, Black, and Nude!!! i went back a few days later and purchased Girltime, and i have found Elisha online [and Girltime] however i cannot find ANY site on the internet currently selling any of the colors of Jetsetter! i can't even find a photo on Google! :(

they are adorable and i'd love to find them online because i'm not sure if i'll be able to find another Macy's that carries them [or any other store]. i'm a size 6 1/2.

if i could have any help finding a place online or if someone is selling their pair in this community, please let me know! thank you so much! :]

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